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Metastatic Breast Cancer Advocacy IN Canada

Last updated September 26, 2018

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Being educated about one’s disease is a key step for patients to advocate for themselves within the health care system. The first place to start is with your health care professionals and the psychosocial department of your hospital.  Next, many metastatic breast cancer and breast cancer organizations provide excellent education and information resources.

We have migrated the Resource List to Metastatic Breast Cancer Canada's website - please head there for an up to date list:  www.mbccanada.org

Metastatic Breast Cancer Canada is a new organization and non-profit that was formed in response to the lack of resources available specifically to Canadians with MBC.  It is not related to MBCAC although we cooperate!  Here's a link to itsstory

If you are just newly diagnosed & living in Canada - here's a good place to start:

Canadian Breast Cancer Network, Living Beyond Breast Cancer and Metastatic Breast Cancer Network's Canadian version of a Guide for the Newly Diagnosed

Ce guide est aussi disponsible en francais - Guide pour les patientes ayant reçu un diagnostic récent