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Metastatic Breast Cancer Advocacy IN Canada

Updated October 23, 2018

Advocacy Groups

Canadian Breast Cancer Network


CBCN is supporter of the metastatic breast cancer community.  Its initiatives include:


Rethink Breast Cancer


Rethink Breast Cancer has established an
MBC Advisory Board to advise it as it expands and enhances its activities to assist people living with MBC and their caregivers and to help inform their annual priorities for MBC initiatives. 

Rethink Breast Cancer and CBCN are the patient representative groups for the pCODR (pan Canadian Oncology Drug Review). 

Rethink has undertaken a #MBCintheDark campaign to raise awareness of the lack timeliness and transparency in key parts of the government drug funding process. 

MBC Priority Setting Partnership


With the assistance of the James Lind Alliance, the PSP has worked with clinicians, patients, patient groups (CBCN and Rethink) and caregivers to establish the Top Ten List of research priorities. 

MBC Alliance


MBC Alliance is a group of breast cancer charities and advocacy groups, pharmaceutical companies and individual patients in the U.S. who are working together on MBC Issues.  Over the past several years, they have released and supported some key advocacy publications:

Other US and UK MBC advocacy organizations and projects

Metastatic Breast Cancer Network - 

Metavivor  - www.metavivor.org

Metup -

Breast cancer care UK - www.breastcancercare.org.uk/secondary

  • Including reports on gaps with diagnosis,  statistics, support and nursing care. 

The Metastatic Breast Cancer Project


Researchers at the Broad Institute at MIT and Harvard University are working directly with patients in the US and Canada to collect samples and clinical information to support research initiatives and accelerate discoveries. 

Patient Representatives

Including the patient voice is an emerging trend among provincial health agencies and hospitals.  We encourage metastatic breast cancer patients to join where possible to make sure our issues are not overlooked.  We are interested in learning about your experiences. 

We hope to build on this preliminary list, please contact us with details of other programs. 



A coalition of patient groups, cancer health charities, and caregiver organizations that have joined  improve the affordability and accessibility of oral take-home cancer medications in Ontario and Atlantic Canada.

Canadian Cancer Survivor Network


The Canadian Cancer Survivor Network's mission is to promote health by providing educational resources to cancer survivors and caregivers.  Its A Seat at the Table initiative identifies ways for patients and caregivers to get involved. 

It hosts webinars and conferences, including: