Initiatives and Activities

Our friends have been working on the following initiatives and activities.  If you would like to highlight any of your advocacy initiatives in Canada, please email

  • Attended the Learning Institute at the 2018 Summit for Cancer Immunotherapy in Banff Canada.  A summary of the experience is included on our Opinions page.  If you are interested in attending next year's Learning Institute, which will be held October 20-23, 2019 in Victoria BC, please email Stephanie Michaud, President and CEO of BioCanRx at

  • Contributed to the list of top ten MBC Research Priorities with the Metastatic Breast Cancer Priority Setting Partnership.  The results are listed at

  • Continued to write, meet and push Alberta Health on the issue of timely approval of new drug treatments for MBC patients.  

  • Participated in Rethink Breast Cancer and Canadian Breast Cancer Network's drug access awareness campaigns.   Here are the links to Patricia and Jacquie's stories. 

  • Participated in the first Patient Involvement in Cancer Research Program (PIP) at the 2017 Canadian Cancer Research Conference.  Acted as co-chair for the Mechanisms of Metastasis session.  Links to the introduction of the session and a summary can be found on the Opinions page.  

  • Continuing to follow the Canadian Association of Provincial Cancer Agencies (CAPCA)  implementation of the CDIAC (Canadian Drug Implementation Advisory Committee)Some important concerns relevant to people living with MBC have emerged out of this process, including transparency, affordability of drugs and the impact on approvals, potential delisting of drugs and potential loss of flexibility in treatment options. 

  • Raising awareness of the challenges of living with bone metastasis.  Established a facebook education page and group.  Contact for more information. 

  • Approached the Tom Baker Cancer Centre in Calgary about improving the information resources provided to newly diagnosed metastatic  breast cancer patients and outlining the need for a specialist MBC patient navigator. 


  • Attended the annual CADTH Symposium representing MBCAC, held in Ottawa from April 23-25, 2017. Patricia wrote a blog poston her experiences (link is on our Opinions page).  

  • Working with an oncologist in Alberta to use the province's health databases to derive the annual incidences of MBC, 2) real world evidence of treatments and 3) the prevalance of MBC in Alberta.  The number of people with metastatic breast cancer in Canada is not known - and without this information, arguably resources may not be properly allocated. A working paperon the issue is posted on our Opinions page. 

  • Building a network of cancer patients in Atlantic Canada and seeking to advance the concept of an Atlantic regional cancer agency.   Established an MBC Atlantic facebook page. 


Last updated November 23, 2018


Metastatic Breast Cancer Advocacy IN Canada