MBC Teams at the CIBC Run for the Cure

On May 4, 2019 we were invited to present at the Run Directors Training Weekend on the Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC) Teams at the Run.  Heather discussed 'What is MBC', Living with MBC, the history of our teams over the last 3 years and how we’ve grown, how the Canadian Cancer Society invests in MBC research, and how they as Run Directors can help.  The attendees were all very welcoming and receptive. 

Our ask: ‘To date, our growth has been only through word-of-mouth – we hope that with your help we can make this option viral.  We really hope that soon we will have MBC teams in all run sites, building the MBC community across the country, and making the experience less isolating.’

An update on Canadian Cancer Society's 2018 MBC research investment - $3.8 million or one-third of the $11.5 million spent on breast cancer research. 

Save the date - October 6, 2019 is the next Run www.cibcrunforthecure.com

  • How to register your Metastatic Breast Cancer team - a schematic
  • 10 Facts About Metastatic Breast Cancer - a handout
  • The Canadian Cancer Society's investment in MBC research - a handout

All proceeds will continue to be directed to the Canadian Cancer Society's Metastatic Futures Fund. 

If you'd like to connect with other MBC teams across Canada -

  • mbcteams@outlook.com or
  • https://www.facebook.com/groups/MBCRunforCureTeams/

2018 Wrap-Up

We grew to 21 teams with 553 participants, and raised nearly $184,000 for metastatic breast cancer research.  With tents, sticker distribution and speakers at some run sites, we are helping to raise awareness of metastatic breast cancer in the wider breast cancer community.  Why?  Because some (most?) people do not know what metastasis is, that breast cancer is only deadly once the cancer leaves the breast, that recurrences can occur in up to 20-30% of early stage patients years after treatment, and that research into more effective treatments (or even a cure!) are still desperately needed.  

Our MBC teams hold close to our heart our friends and family members who we have lost.  Niki Curran, captain of a team in Oshawa and who gave a fantastic speech at her Run this year, died just a month later in October.  We have lost other teammates across the country - Katherine, Jaspreet, Caroline, Jocelyn, Diane, Catherine, Marlene, Susan and Janine.  So we keep moving forward in their memory, hoping to make things better. 

The Run for the Cure can be daunting for people living with metastatic breast cancer with its relentless celebration of survivorship.  The Canadian Cancer Society has been helping to make the Run more welcoming by providing tents to MBC teams and renaming the Survivor tent to the Survivor & Lifer/Thriver tent.  A special shout out goes to Collingwood with its "Hope Lounge" which also welcomed those who cannot walk/run the distance but nonetheless want to show their support.  We hope that these changes will soon become commonplace at all 56 of the Run sites. 

Some highlights from our 2018 Run for the Cure activities:

  • Jordana and the Count Me(ts) In team were profiled in both the CCS newsletter and in a Regina Leader Post article.  In the end, this incredible group of people living with MBC and their early stage allies raised over $67,000. 
  • Niki spoke at the Oshawa Run, in an honest, educational  and inspirational speech.
  • Heather & the Calgary team were profiled by the CCS Calgary facebook page
  • Nathalie spoke at the Saskatoon Run, teaching about mets while also showing the personal impact.
  • The Globe and Mail profiled our teams in its Giving Back column

Pictures from our 2018 teams.  Thank you to everyone who participated! 

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